The mountain called desire

She stood in the gap and thought of how far she had come all alone. She raised her head: her long graceful neck, aching from the distress of carrying burdens that are nameless yet putting her to the test; can she become her best?

 The reason why she is where she is, is because of mere ease: the comfort of the forlorn, in the temple of the unborn. The unborn glories that are actually stories past from generation to generation. She is yet to realize she is a nation not an occasion that will come and go; she is yet to understand that the realization of her birth is nothing less of impossibility attained. May she not become maimed by her temperament of fame before – she has gone there before. She wants it no more; she opens a new door.

 Her destiny is that of infinity and beyond, indeed she was created as a song for the lawns of virtue to be grown, not for guilt to be sown. Her body is sturdy with grace, her face is chiseled by faith. She is no ordinary race; she is no irregular flow. She indeed glows, she indeed glows. Made for waters that run deep, from creeks of the divine, her inheritance is more than words can define, let alone fine wine. She is alive in love, she is alive in great love.


My latest 1am piece

TheBrainBehind10Words cannot express my disdain over my laptop or was it that my bridal shower back drop wasn’t showing my wedding logo very well? I think it’s my lack of sleep after 5 square meals?… down the menu of today’s affairs: it’s been forever since my last weave and you look at me so? Not even a single tear did you shed in empathy for me…. I still drive a Toyota! -don’t go, click here>


single-black-woman-1I could write an epistle: page after page of words lingering into eternity or nothingness; laced with meaning yet impersonal to my audience. Cold and icy, a little spiteful… perhaps burdened with grief.

Without a doubt, I know that people can change. I know that emotions ruin a marriage; I know that it is harder to understand another human being than to fly to the moon. don’t go, click here